5 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Friends:
    In your message of 08/21/22, Love First, you remind us that His love flows through us.
    In his book, «Mount Analogue,» Rene Daumal, p, 112, admiring finding himself below the peaks, makes a humble comment that touched me, I thought I’d share:
    What you find here is merely a rather pale and approximate translation.
    Thanks for your messages. Sincerely, Ruby M. Shelton

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      • Friends:

        Thank you for your prompt answer to my comment on God’s love. Like most of you, I hope, I love Him and at times I feel that I need to be closer to Him.

        AIlow me to share the message of 07/2022 in my project, Our God Within. Thanks again. Sincerely, Ruby M. Shelton

        AN OFFER

        (July, 2022)

        Sometimes I wish I’d live in a monastery, devote my life to God and avoid noisy surroundings. I read in chapter VII of the book of Sirach, however, to not ask for

        special requests.

        A prayer to conclude,

        Dear God:

        I ask that I may remain calm,

        Façade aside,

        That my true self comes alive.

        I am Thine’s.


      • Thank you for your reply. Your prayer is reflective of my longing as well. I also do believe we can wander this world being living monasteries of God’s love and calm.


      • Friends:

        I appreciated your comment and was interested to read that we are «living monasteries of God’s love and calm.» Might it be that monks/nuns make good symbols in the monasteries?

        Longing lasts for a long time but I strongly believe that it must end when we obtain union with God, in the meantime, we keep trying. May I share one of my messages and hope that you feel free to share yours, if not, thoughts or other.

        Thank you. Sincerely, Ruby M. Shelton

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