To find rest from “yourself”

In the comtemplative, often quiet, prayer you can find the calmness to rest from your own (false) self. Several times in the New Testament (se Matt. 10, 38-39 and Mark 8, 34-35) the words of Jesus, about laying down your own life and taking up your cross and following him, are repeated. It is all about losing your life (false self) to find true life itself. Jesus is showing the way that leads to a new dimension through the resurrection in which you can partake in, in your own life. Seek to live your life, more and more every day, in touch with the depths within yourself. Through this connection with your inner being and God’s own Spirit that is awakened in your innermost, you will find rest from yourself. “Yourself” means not your real and truest self, but it can be all your personas, masks and your ego which are used (and also at times useful!) on your earthly journey. By surrendering your ego/false self and not counting this self as decisive and your true self, you will find that which God has placed within you. In a quiet surrender you can lay down all that which is not real and search for life in the depths of your inner being, where you will find the kingdom of God.

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