When The World of Thoughts Loses Power!

World of Thoughts

When man realizes that thoughts are just thoughts and that the ability to think is just a tool that can be used when it is beneficial and useful, this can be experienced as a small revolution! In the lives of many people, thoughts are honored with too much credibility and power. Man are too often easily governed and therefore thrown around by the strange and sometimes chaotic thinkinggames of the mind.

In the moment that thoughts are revealed as what they truly are, nothing but simply thoughts, this creates a sense of freedom. From then on thoughts can come and go like leaves on the river’s surface and this can help man to move along on the peaceful, contemplative road.

When the mind loses its unjustly power, the chattering mind can also calm down so man himself becomes calmer. In this experience, a room for contemplative silence and new expectations can grow. Man is ready for new steps into the exciting unknown within his Godgiven inner being.

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